Here’s the Formula I use when I Coach the Stars

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Roger Love’s Online Singing Courses

Roger offers multiple online singing courses that are perfect for the beginner, and even experienced singers. No matter what your goal is, there is a singing course to fit you! Browse Roger’s custom online singing courses below.

Roger will teach you the basics of mastering all three of your voices: Head, Chest & Middle Voice

Course includes:

  • Intro to chest, middle and head voices
  • Eliminating pitch problems
  • Singing vibrato
  • Playing instruments
  • You don’t have to read music
  • Overcoming stage fright



You can always upgrade to another Singing Academy level at any time!

Learn how to sing 6 new styles of music as Roger teaches you online singing techniques to take your voice to another level

Includes all of Parts 1, plus:

  • Intermediate breathing techniques
  • Mouth positioning tips & tricks
  • Advanced vibrato
  • How to sing rock, pop, country & more
  • How to audition
  • How to choose the right songs



You can always upgrade to another Singing Academy level at any time!

The most comprehensive vocal instruction available

Includes all of Parts 1 & 2, plus:

  • One-on-one feedback from Roger!
  • Advanced breathing techniques
  • Developing stage presence
  • Microphone techniques
  • Connecting with an audience
  • You & your originality



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“I can’t put into words how much Roger has helped me. He has introduced me to the concept of Middle Voice while making sure I understand it. I have become a million times better since I began working with him.” – Camille U.

Over 130,043 Happy Singers Have Used Roger’s Method

“Roger is one of the most amazing vocal coaches I have ever worked with! Within 2 weeks, Roger had me utilizing parts of my voice that I wasn’t even aware of! If you want to be the best singer you can be, Roger is the voice coach for you!”

– Lennon L.


“Roger will quickly get you to the path of least resistance in a fun and supportive way which is clearest the path I’ve found to sounding great.”

– Datar S.

“The academy rocks. With today’s technology you need not fly to LA for a lesson with Roger, he’s right there in your computer giving virtually the same lesson he gives to A-list celebrities.”

– Joe S.


“Roger Love‘s vocal technique will give you the range and pitch that frees you from your limitations. At the same time, it will build the confidence inside to deliver a performance that is emotional, natural, and real.”

– Stoll V.