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• Learn the secret "Middle Voice"
• Sound better with no strain
• Learn how to breathe for singing

In a powerful 4-part series, top vocal coach, Roger Love, reveals the same techniques he teaches his all-star clients (including John Mayer, Gwen Stefani, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, the cast of Glee, and many others!)

Whether you’re an experienced singer, or just getting started, you’re about to experience a whole new method for reaching your full, singing potential.

With these 20 minute videos, you will learn important information like: 

  • How to develop the secret “Middle Voice”
  • The proper way to breathe (and the reason you forgot how)
  • Ways to sound better with no strain
  • How to keep your throat open
  • And much more!

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Roger is the #1 vocal coach in the U.S. He has over 20 years of coaching experience. His students have won Grammy, Oscar, and Screen Actor Guild Awards. To date, Roger has trained over 130,000 people. 

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Here’s what some of Roger’s clients had to say about his teaching: 

""Roger Love‘s Singing Academy has taught me how to sing with confidence. His lessons are really easy to follow, even when teaching tricks that I thought only professionals could pull off. Roger is better than any other voice teacher I‘ve had because his teaching style is funny and engaging, and I could take each lesson as many times as I wanted. I‘m really happy I took this course, and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their singing to the next level."

- Garret O.

"Roger takes you step by step through each lesson with clear explanations of every aspect of singing. I love how detailed his videos are. He has helped me understand the mechanics behind my voice and how it works. Each week is filled with tons of helpful information and goals to work on. Roger is an amazing teacher! Each lesson felt like my own private lesson!"

- Eriin M.

With just one lesson... or by accessing these 4 videos... you could be on your way to a singing voice you never knew you had. 

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