Amazing New Voice Training Makes You Sound So Good, People Might Line Up and Beg You to Sing!

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A System and Formula That Makes Typical Voice Lessons Obsolete

Presented in Bite-Sized Easy to Follow Videos Guaranteed to Transform Your Singing

My Singing Academy Course is so powerful it can give you a show-stopping voice even if you’ve never sung before! And, if you’re already accomplished (or just love to sing) this easy to follow video training can make you a virtuoso.

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You’ll have everything at your fingertips. The very same singing secrets used by stars like Selena Gomez, John Mayer, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Gwen Steffani, Maroon 5 and dozens more to keep their singing voices a cut above the rest.

This is called “The Singing Academy Course” for a reason. You’ll be learning revolutionary techniques to be sure, but don’t let the “Academy” title intimidate you. You’re not going to dread going through the lessons. Roger’s unique style and fresh approach is what makes the entire Singing Academy experience so outrageously fun. He’s broken his formula down into twelve bite-sized, weekly lessons, that you can access online – anywhere and anytime. Seriously, you can move through the lessons anytime, 24-hours-a-day, at your convenience using your computer, laptop, phone or tablet.

You’ll get dozens of essential, focused, powerful, and fun vocal exercises. The Academy lessons divide songs into simple understandable components, with on-screen graphics to show you when to breathe and when to get louder. You’ll know how to roll from the low notes all the way up to the high notes, and be able to hold them without any jumps or gaps or awkward breaks. You’ll be shown how to use your full vocal range… head, chest and middle voice – and how to easily access all three.

This is possible because of Roger’s new technology called “Love Notes.” Right now, Love Notes is only available through The Singing Academy. It will be your secret weapon and give you a major advantage over any and all other singers. (It’s similar to what Karaoke would look like if it got a MASSIVE makeover). This exciting new technology will help you sing songs just like the great artists you already love.

Love Notes will instantly make your voice sound stronger and better. It’s so powerful that Roger believes it’s eventually going to change the way ALL people learn to sing. But one thing’s for certain, there’s no doubt it will change the way you sing. You’re going to love it!

You’ll be guided step-by-step, through every lesson, building on each skill as you go. It will be so incredibly fun… you may not even realize you’re actually doing the “hard work” of improving your voice. And, as you move through each section in the course, every new song will be an exciting progression in learning this technique.

As you follow along, you’ll see yourself becoming the unique vocalist you were meant to be. Before you know it, you’ll be able to sing any song and know how to approach any song to really make it your own.

“Roger explains everything very clearly, and his humor and honest love for music makes every minute enjoyable. Even with the training and experiences I’ve had, I learned so many things in just the first few lessons that I can “hear” the difference already. Once you get settled in, you will feel that he is talking to you as if you were sitting together in a live class. (I found myself answering him a couple of times during my lessons!) I recommend this course for everyone, whether you’re an experienced singer or just an aspiring one, this course will improve your singing skill.

– Sherry Wilson, Roger Love Singing Academy Student

Here’s Everything You Get in The Roger Love Singing Academy…

Volume One: Mastering Your Voices

This lays the technical foundation which is so important to not only beginners but even the most experienced singers. You’ll start with the basics of mastering all three of your voices: Head, Chest and Middle Voice.


Volume One Includes:

• Introduction to the Unique Transformational Technique
• Vocal Evaluation: How Do You Sound Right Now?
• How Chest, Middle and Head Voices work together for sensationally smooth sound
• Eliminating Pitch Problems (You’ll be delighted how easy this is)
• Singing Vibrato and Creating Your Signature Sound
• A Secret to Start Playing Instruments In TWO WEEKS
• Diet Dos and Don’ts to Ensure You Put The Right Food In to Get the Best Voice Out
• How to Overcome Stage Fright, Take Control of Those Jitters and Use Them to Your Advantage

Volume Two: Technique and Styling

You’ll learn how to sing 6 new styles of music as Roger teaches you online singing techniques to take your voice to another level.

Volume Two Includes:

• Intermediate Techniques For Seemingly Supernatural Breath Support
• Mouth Positioning Tips and Tricks to Instantly Tune Up Your Tone
• How to Determine What Songs Are Simply Great For You to Sound Supreme
• Advanced Vibrato To Level Up Your Signature Sound
• Adding Almost Invisible Acting Into Your Singing to Subtly Slay Your Audience
• Essential Secrets to Ensure You Never Lose Your Voice (Gwen Stefani Approved)
• How to Sing Rock, Pop, Country, RB and Gospel so Nothing Intimidates You
• Audition Secrets In Case You Want to Compete or Land That Dream Role

Volume Three: Live Performances

This is the most comprehensive vocal instruction available!

Volume Three Includes:

• Developing Star Quality Stage Presence That Commands Attention
• How to Move While Singing so You Seamlessly Add Style to Your Songs
• Working the “Mic” Techniques to Sound Great (and Look Even Better)
• Connecting with an Audience for Maximum Emotional Impact
• You and Your Originality – How to Channel Your Inner Aretha, Elvis, Axl or Dylan
• Secrets to Making demos and Recordings and Get Attention
• Truth and Tips About the Business of Voice
• Advance Mouth Position For Increased Vocal Variety
• Building a Character to Stimulating an Emotional Response From an Audience
• Social Media and What it Means to You as a Singer
• Advanced Tips for Connecting With an Audience

Plus Love Notes, Roger's Exclusive Online Vocal Training System

Using Love Notes is like eating something decadent…it’s so good you don’t want to stop. Much like Karaoke, the lyrics will stream across a screen, but instead of just having lyrics and music track, special interpretation and technical notes and symbols are added.

And you’ll have control of fast forward or rewind… and can even put it on pause. All you need to do is just pay attention to the symbols. When you see the breath symbol, take a breath. When you see a word or a part of the word that has the vibrato symbol, add vibrato. When a word or a part of the word is capitalized, make it louder. And then you’ll see the words either appear in the chest voice area, in the middle voice area, or the head voice and that’ll tell you whether to do chest, middle, or head. You’ll have fun with “Love Notes”. It’s a game-changer that will help you learn how to sing every song and be immediately able to sing it so much more like the stars you like… and it’s just one of the exciting and innovative things that you’re gonna discover in The Singing Academy.

Thank You!
Thank you for making my voice sound so beautiful!

– Reese Witherspoon

Academy Award Winning Actress, Trained Vocally with Roger Love for “Walk the Line”

Limited Time Super Bonus!


This is only going to be awarded to the first 100 who enroll in the 12-week Singing Academy program.

Once you’ve gone through all the classes in the Singing Academy, I want you to send in a video of yourself singing a song of your choice. A song you feel the best about, that allows you to convey your emotions and hit that golden note you’ve been able to develop with the Singing Academy. If my schedule permits, I’ll personally review your voice and provide feedback so you can nail the song of your dreams. Now obviously, I won’t be able to offer this to everyone as my schedule is always booked months in advance and at any time some Hollywood studio will call me away to work with an actor on a “singing emergency.” But, not to worry! If I’m unavailable, one of my trained coaches will review your video. I am 100% confident you’ll be delighted with their feedback.

This alone is a $475 value and as a bonus, it will go fast. So sign up now and learn directly from me in the Singing Academy, so you can move confidently on to your next step in your singing journey.

Roger is a great communicator. He is able to break down very sophisticated vocal concepts and make it so easy-to-learn…when I was taking the Course, I felt like he was right there beside me giving me a private singing lesson. His explanations are so clear and you can see him playing the scales at the piano for you right in front of your eyes, as opposed to just listening to an audio recording.

– Rex Wee, Professional Singer and Vocal Coach

For A Limited Time Roger’s Including These Additional Bonus Trainings

3 BONUS Video Trainings That Will Instantly Increase Your “Musical IQ”

There’s no musical education or training required to sing like a star, but these bonus sessions are going to open up a world of possibilities, quickly giving you an understanding of the essential terms, skills and qualities to help you excel.

• The Language of Music – Like a Video “Cheat Sheet” to Understand Musical Terms and Applications
• Playing Instruments and Reading Music – Doing Both Even If You’ve NEVER Played or Read a Note
• Writing Songs – Shortcuts to Writing Your Own Songs ( This is a MIND BLOWING Success Secret)

2 BONUS Video Trainings on How to Make Stunning Sounds

We all have a natural tone to our voice. But you can change it to enhance the richness of your sound within your voice type using the little known secrets these entertaining videos reveal.

• Mouth Positions – The Myths and Misconceptions About Lips, Teeth and Tongue Exposed
• Eliminating Pitch Problems – You’re Not Tone Deaf and This Will Quickly Correct Your Pitch

4 BONUS Video Trainings on Being a Superstar

Whether you have dreams of selling out arenas and having your own show in Vegas or Branson, or you simply want to carve out your own little “piece of the sky” these final four videos will give you insider secrets to seal the deal.

• I Want To Be A Superstar! – The True, Secret Ingredients Required to Be a Super Star (It’s NOT Talent)
• Building A Character – What No One Else Will Tell You About Crafting Your Personal and Public Persona
• Connecting With An Audience – What never to do on a stage. Never. And How to Win Everyone Over
• Social Media and You – Social Media and Specifically How to Use it As a Vocalist and Artist Now

Over 130,043 Happy Singers Have Used Roger's Method

Roger is one of the most amazing vocal coaches I have ever worked with! Within 2 weeks, Roger had me utilizing parts of my voice that I wasn’t even aware of! If you want to be the best singer you can be, Roger is the voice coach for you!
Lennon L.
“The academy rocks. With today’s technology you need not fly to LA for a lesson with Roger, he’s right there in your computer giving virtually the same lesson he gives to A-list celebrities.”
Joe S.

Join Roger Love's Singing Academy and Get Instant Access to the Same Training that He Teaches Celebrity Clients!

Plus for a Limited Time – Personal Feedback Directly From Roger, or One of Roger Love’s Personally Trained Coaches!

Remember, if you’re one of the first 100 students to enroll in the Singing Academy, once you’ve completed the Singing Academy lessons, you can submit a video of yourself singing a song of your choice. Roger’s personally trained coaches (or maybe Roger himself!) will review your voice and provide feedback, so you can nail the song of your dreams and move confidently on to your next step in your singing journey.

Total Retail Value: $10,000.00  Special Limited Time Pricing, Only $497

My “Shocked Compliments” 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be thrilled with the improvement you’ll hear in your singing voice. Better yet, I want people to sit back in dumbfounded shock. That’s why I’ll make you this (unusual) guarantee.

Enroll in the Singing Academy and work through the lessons. See for yourself how easy and effective my video lessons are. Put what you learn into practice. If you haven’t received at least a “You sounded awesome!” compliment in 30 days, I’ll happily refund your payment.

I can hardly wait to hear the beautiful music that you’ll sing after you’ve completed the trainings… and if you want to do something really fun, I suggest you record yourself tonight, singing the same song, before you begin my course, so you can see how much improvement you’ll have once you learn my techniques.

The Singing Academy is THAT good, and I want you to experience it for yourself at no risk.

“Roger Love‘s vocal technique will give you the range and pitch that frees you from your limitations. At the same time, it will build the confidence inside to deliver a performance that is emotional, natural, and real.”
Stoll V.
“Roger will quickly get you to the path of least resistance in a fun and supportive way which is clearest the path I’ve found to sounding great.”
Datar S.